Behind the Scenes on designing Beth Moore’s first novel


YOU GUYS! I have some really fun news to share! I recently had the JOY of designing Beth Moore’s FIRST ever novel, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus, which will debut in September 2016.


Here she is holding the book in her hot little hands. Follow this link to watch her heartfelt video in which she discusses the vision for the novel and how God has allowed it to come about.


I feel incredibly blessed, honored, humbled, and overjoyed to be able to be a part of this book that will touch your heart FOR SURE. And, honestly, I find it funny and simply fascinating how God works. You see, for me to be designing her book is a glimpse of life coming full circle.


Back in 2007, I was first “introduced” to Beth through studying her Living Beyond Yourself : A study of the fruit of the Spirit, and it was this study that spurred me on and gave me the inspiration to create my very first piece of Scripture art for myself and my entire Bible study. The next year, Beth was speaking at Tyndale House Publishers, so I was able to go see her live {WOW! is all I can say . . . she is really that energetic in real life AND, she is the REAL DEAL . . . she LOVES Jesus with all of her heart}. I was not able to meet her, but brought the above art as a gift for her and my friend who designed So Long Insecurity was able to slip her the package. Then, a few hours later I received a phone call from BETH HERSELF telling me thanks for the gift and that I should cherish every moment of motherhood.

And now, I am designing her book!

Some frequently asked questions I immediately get:

• Have I met Beth? No, but I hope to someday so I can give her a big hug and thank her for her life changing ministry.

• Do I get to talk to Beth? No, the Acquisitions Director of Tyndale does that. Designers rarely talk directly to authors.

• What do you mean you “designed” her book? You took the photo? No, and this is really a conversation for an entire blog post someday, but to put it simply, a book cover starts as a blank page and it is the designer’s job to give visual “life” to the content of the book. It is my job to choose the typograhy, color scheme, and imagery that will give the book a specific look and feel to draw the readers into the story. More on that later!

Thanks so much for celebrating with me! I will keep you posted on the book release!

Grace & Peace,



Valentine BOGO Free Sale {spread some love!}


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It is my hope that you spread love, encouragement & beauty to your friends & family this Valentine’s Day!


Grace & Peace,


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

{the above is the front of our Christmas card}IF5A4846_WEB_WEBIF5A4896_WEB_WEB

{and, this would be our “real” selves}


We had some wonderful adventures in 2015 & are so thankful for the joy that is in our home … IF5A4931_WEB_WEB

Even though Daddy Bear looks so serious,
we really are a crazy bunch … esp the girl in the fedora … IF5A4936_WEB_WEB

We wish you all love, joy & peace!IF5A4946_WEB

And a Happy New Year!

Emmanuel! God is with us!

Grace & Peace,

Biggest Sale of the Year!


I just wanted you to know how very thankful I am for your support in my creative journey & that a portion of every single sale goes to benefit Compassion International, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and World Relief. So, your gift giving this Christmas is truly transforming the world & reaching far & wide!


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Give meaningful gifts this Christmas to your loved ones!


Grace & Peace,


Pumpkin-Poos turned 8!

2015_EBday_1_WEB 2015_EBday_2_WEB 2015_EBday_3_WEB

Well, hello there! Apparently time flies when you’re having fun & it’s been a long time of no connecting here on the blog {since July—wow!} We had some fun adventures this past summer {which hopefully I will blog about someday!}. We took a 2 week road trip to Acadia National Park in Maine and then drove up into New Hampshire and Vermont on our way to experience a little french culture in Montreal. We then returned home to unload and vacuum the van to get the sand out and then packed up again for Duluth, Minnesota. After returning from camping up north, we did some day trips to Michigan to do our annual blueberry picking in South Haven. This year we added peach picking to the adventure and found our new favorite orchard—Overhiser Orchards, a family run orchard who grows the sweetest fruit & has the best down home hospitality {we returned this past autumn to pick 54 pounds of honeycrisp apples! 147 to be accurate!}.


In the midst of all of that excitement, our littlest Pumpkin-Poos turned 8! Our annual birthday celebration for her includes a trip to our other favorite apple orchard, Edwards Apple Orchard, in Poplar Grove, Illinois. Every year she rides the pony {though now she is getting too big!} and she picks out the littlest pumpkin or most unique gourd she can find.


In school for star student week, we created these posters of her life’s adventures, so I thought I would share them here on the blog.James-1_Every-Good-Gift_Baptism-Gift_Adoption-Gift_01V_WEB

I have said this before, but if you are new to the blog I will say it again:  she is so much a part of the inspiration and motivation for Life Verse Design. When I was pregnant with her I was pretty sick and had zero brain power to memorize Scripture, so I replaced all the little 3×5 notecards I had around the house with actual artwork that I created. I have loved meditating on the Scriptures before choosing the image or how I would visually express the verse and it has made these words so much more meaningful to me.


I love you so much my little joy filled, sweet, and full of love Pumpkin-Poos!


Grace & Peace,


Shop CLOSED for most of July!


This is just a quick head’s up that our little shop will be closed for most of July!

We are heading on our annual camping / road trip … this year to the gorgeous Northeast: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and maybe even crossing the border into Canada! We look forward to soaking in the beauty of nature, time unplugged with our children, and simply exploring the great outdoors.

If you have any last minute orders needed, please submit them June 30 to ensure that I will ship those out before WE ship out!


Grace & Peace,


10 Years with My Sunshine Girl


My Sunshine Girl turned 10 last week! As a June baby, I nicknamed her my Sunshine Girl right away, as I knew she would always be a ray of warm light in my life. Her chubby cheeks & double chin were TOO MUCH as a newborn — my biggest baby at 8 lbs 8 oz. She is the inspiration behind my most recent art line Sunshine Studio, as she asked me for more color & that I would draw again. I am so thankful I followed her lead.G_04_WEB_WEB


Sunshine Girl is a little bit sweet & a little bit CRAZY. She is definitely my most boisterous child & yet very much an introvert. She will ask you ANYTHING {no matter how appropriate} & loves to be silly. But, at the same time, she can literally read books by herself all day long. She is also full of compassion & has a very tender heart, though she does not like to show it. She is my deep thinker, a young theologian. Her questions about God, faith, and the why’s of this world floor me quite often & she has made me grow in my thoughts also. She truly struggles with the fact that God has yet to answer her prayer for super powers.G_07_WEB_WEB

She is my model extraordinaire & the camera loves her. She can pull off so many looks & is immortalized in several pieces of my art.G_09_WEB_WEBShe is just like her Daddy & LOVES comic books, perhaps more than anything. Seriously, if you have any super hero question, just ask my girl. So far the “high” of her life was when Daddy took her on a date {just the TWO of them} to Comicon. She dressed as Catwoman & had a ball meeting so many superhero lovers like her. In the above photo, she is Paige from Tron Legacy. She is actually thrilled to be Paige, just showing off her “tough” face in that photo 🙂 For that Halloween costume, she had about 6 inches of her hair cut off into that angled hairstyle to BE Paige. I LOVE that hair on her & am pretty much preparing myself that someday she will color her hair or perhaps shave her head. Who knows?

G_11_WEB_WEBOne thing I LOVE about my Sunshine Girl is her uniqueness & confidence in who she is. In third grade she started carrying an Avengers lunchbox to school & some girls questioned her, “Is that your brother’s lunchbox?!” {Which is funny because at the time her brother did not even like superheroes at all!} She is also a born feminist. I am talking STRONG. I guarantee whatever she puts her mind to, she will accomplish. Her current dream is to be a code breaker in the military & carry a gun. OH MY!


We love you SO much Sunshine! May God continue to grow your faith as you ask deep questions & search for His heart.


Grace & Peace,



Adoption Art inspired by Ephesians 1 {Behind the Scenes with Life Verse Design}



Ephesians 1:4-6 is such a rich passage, full of love, hope and grace:

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will—to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.


I originally created this art for my amazing friend Amy. And, when I say “amazing”, I whole-heartedly mean it. Amy is someone whom I admire very much. She is wise, full of peace, strong, generous, and deeply rooted in Jesus. Amy’s life journey has brought her through more valleys than most of us will experience in a lifetime. But, week after week we have the joy of fellowshipping together and she continues to pour out her life to serve others and grow in her love for our Father. So, when Amy & her hubby brought home their second beautiful son, I wanted to create something really special for her family. {I mean — LOOK at that kid! Those eyes! LOVE.}

This month, my adoption “Chosen” piece is featured at 30% in any size and format. I also wanted to mention that during the month of May, I am donating a portion of all of my sales to The Sparrow Fund which is an adoption organization that supports and encourages families throughout their adoption journey.

Grace & Peace,